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I know it’s been a bit radio silent over here lately. I’ve been absurdly busy–new projects, weekend trips with the kids, a speaking engagement or two, adventures in cooking (more on that later), hobbling around with summer shoe-blisters, and the whole leaving my job to return to freelancing thing.

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I think this is my new mantra.

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trayvon martin

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I’ve spent the last several days processing the Trayvon Martin case. I’ve read some, I’ve discussed some, but publicly I’ve mostly remained silent for a number of reasons. Save for a brief tweet Sunday morning–which offered just enough information for me to acknowledge it, but really not so much at all.

Then I began quietly watching Twitter, Facebook, blog post threads. Who was talking. Who was retweeting. Who was angry. Who was speaking up. And for the most part, save for my die-hard liberal political friends and celebrities of the Always Willing To Put Their Asses On the Line nature, it was Black people. Again.

Not all. But enough that the disproportion was evident in my feed.

When I posted a link to this amazing article  on Trayvon Martin, Racism and the NRA by Robin D.G. Kelley which a friend sent me, I can see the number of retweets (not many) versus the number of clicks (a holy hell of a lot).

We White people–I think we are scared to talk.

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Yes, I love you.


I’m not sure when it became uncool to say you love your kids. At least not without phrasing it as a caveat: “You’re a pain in the ass…but I love you.“

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Reasons that no, you may not take a photo of your sister’s naked butt and keep it on my iPhone.


1. It’s just weird. 2. No one thinks it’s as hilarious as you both think it is. (With a few exceptions in our extended family.) 3. Me saying no is good practice for the other naked body parts I will never ever let you put on your own phones. Should you be allowed to have [...]

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Teaching your children well. Mostly. Generally speaking.


“Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to what they want to do.” — Kathleen Winsor (via Leslie Fandrich) Recently I’ve had several friends lose parents and other elderly relatives close to them. It’s strange how these things often happen all [...]

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Is kids music ruining your kids? Or worse, is it ruining their parents?


I am all for introducing my own music to my kids, and how. After those early months of their father screaming into my pregnant belly, “don’t listen to mommy’s Journey! I’ll rescue you soon!” the circle is complete: last week Thalia performed Don’t Stop Believin‘ at her Glee club final performance. She knew every word. [...]

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