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Mom-101 is my personal blog. Which means I write about personal things. Sometimes too personal. I am so very sorry if you bought a list of blogs that seemed to indicate otherwise. You should get your money back.

To clarify:

Discount codes for mass market cleaning products = not personal things.

Review of new dog biscuits = not personal things.

Telling my readers about your brand’s innovative Facebook promotion = not personal things.

Prada Shoes = very personal things, especially if they happen to come in a 6.5.

If you’re a reader who wants to say hi, I’m at Mom101[at]mac.com. If you want to talk about speaking engagements, consulting, a paid writing job, or a fun opportunity for my family especially in the New York area, I’m at Mom101[at]mac.com. There’s more info about that under Put Me To Work.

If you’re pitching products that will be relevant for Cool Mom Picks or Cool Mom Tech, I’d love to hear about it–but email me there, not here so the whole editorial staff can see what’s what. That would be info[at]coolmompicks.com. If you email me at Mom101 about product reviews, I will probably delete it. It’s not personal. It just tells me that you bought one of those lists. (Again, get your money back! I’ll vouch for you.)

And helpful hint…my name is Liz. Not Mom-101. Can you imagine if my mother named me Mom-101? Weird.